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The Zone Transmuter, constructed of a 1960's vacuum cleaner, art deco frosted glass, and fire extinguisher top.  Versatile dimmer switch made from stainless steel gear.

Metal Morphic is the design work of artist Scott Potter, who transforms found objects into beautiful and functional artwork.   He uses various metal sculpting techniques to combine exotic metal components, creating strikingly original and creative sculpture.  The bulk of Scott's work is in the form of electric lighting sculptures.  Scott also has created candelabras, architectural elements, as well as a line of whimsical garden bugs both big and small.  Link to the Exhibition page to see his Portfolio of work online.

New Fungal Luminants

fungal new.jpg (7787 bytes)The Fungal Light Emanator, a tremendously popular sculpture, is back!!  The newly designed sculptures, renamed Fungal Luminants,  feature handmade glass from local glass artist Chris Funk of Functional Glassware  in Morro Bay.   This collaborative effort by Scott Potter and Chris Funk has evolved this design to a whole new level. Each of these hand-crafted fungal light emanators, is unique, with its own look and feel.


Metal Morphic seeks to create well-designed and well-built functional artwork.  The gallery portfolio illustrates the wide variety of work completed. Scott can create custom pieces for  individuals, design professionals or retail.   

A variety of processes are utilized to complete each piece such as  welding, grinding, sculpting, and polishing.  Durable powder coating is also used on many of the surfaces for a its rich look as well as its long-term durability.

His mechanical and electrical skills are showcased in these art pieces.  Lighting adjustments are functional as well as amusing interactive experiences. Many of the lamps offer dimmer capabilities that are extremely diverse, providing bright light for reading and soft atmospheric lighting.



You can see Scott's work at Fiona Bleu Gallery

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